Good afternoon, everyone, or good day, good morning, good evening. Whatever time of day it is where you are. I’m Russ Dennis, your non-profit possibility engineer.

Why is it that people work with your non-profit? What is it that they gain from working with you and your team? These are important questions to ask because these are things that are going to draw people to you. So, you want to do more of the same things that continue to attract people to work with your non-profit to make a difference in your community.

Creating an experience is something that few organizations are really good at, but the ones that are good at keep people working with them. So, how can you create an experience for your donors? Do you talk about how grateful you are that their contributions really add to the work that you’re doing, the impact? Do you explain to your volunteers how the work that they do impacts other lives? Do they see it? Come to think of it, what is it that your volunteers want from serving with you? Are they looking to gain valuable job experience? Are they looking to build their networks just so that they know new people? Are they looking to expand their learning or grow their network as it’s been said before? Are they looking for projects that will give them credit for university studies?

It’s really important to find out what motivates people, and there’s one simple way to do that. You ask them. Ask them what it is that they want from being a part of your organization or from working to solve the problems that your agency solves. When you understand what’s in it for these other folks, you can create an experience for them. After all, that’s what draws people to us. They experience something by working with us, or collaborating with us, or having a relationship with us. So, finding out why people support you is critical to helping you go out, and find people who are motivated by the same things, and bringing them in to support your cause.

This is your non-profit possibility engineer, Russell Dennis, reminding you that I’m here and available for a consultation. Let’s talk a little bit about what makes you special. I’m here to help you find your super powers, and to work with you to find your super powers, and to look at ways that you might create an experience under your unique circumstances so that you can attract more support to your cause. Book a discovery session with me at bit.leebookruss, and let’s talk about your super powers. What makes you unique and how we can get more people to come support your cause, and find out why other people love the work that you’re doing and keep coming back to work with you again and again.

This is Russ Dennis, your possibility engineer signing off now.

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