This is your Possibility Engineer, Russell Dennis. I want to tell you a little bit about an organization here in Denver called Rise Beyond Dreams. My friend, the young Founder, Dennis Kolb, was struck with leukemia at the age of eighteen, just prior to graduation from high school. He had a lot of struggles, and so did his family; out of that came Rise Beyond Dreams and a national foundation.

They set-up support services for people who had been diagnosed with the debilitating injury, who had been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses, and suffered debilitating injuries and accidents. The support of people who have been there and gone through those things is valuable when you’re trying to figure-out how to navigate the system and keep the rest of your life organized and together. What comes on the other side? Well, that’s what you want to find out.

Rise Beyond Dreams has been around for a couple of years, but we’re growing. They’re looking at creating lodging spaces for people here in Colorado who aren’t eligible for lodging at a discounted rate when their loved-ones are injured or in the hospital for long-term treatment when they come in from out of town.

Rise Beyond Dreams is also working on a project to provide temporary housing for people in disaster-struck areas, and these are new programs.

Other programs that Rise Beyond Dreams and the national foundation provides are experienced mentors and all sorts of celebratory events and support systems.

I’d love to tell you more about Dennis and Rise Beyond Dreams. These are the kinds of things that really get me pumped-up; this is why I do what I do, helping nonprofits GROW.

There are other nonprofits out there looking to make a difference; if you’re one of them, let’s have a talk about what you’re doing, who you can collaborate with, how you can get a little bit more –

I met Dennis Kolb at CEO Space in 2012; he started Rise Beyond Dreams in the nation to provide support services for people who had experienced being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or suffered a debilitating injury. The stuff that they went through was terrible. He had no system. So, when I started working with Dennis, we started unpacking his mission and looking at the types of things that he wanted to do, who would make good partners, and where to look for resources. We’ve sat down and we’ve come together, with the culmination of a large plan to provide services on a larger scale here in the Denver, Colorado, area.

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