Hi, this is Russ Dennis, your non-profit possibility engineer. As you know, relationships are what make business and all sorts of things go around. It’s building relationships with other people that helps you to increase, and garner, and grow support for your non-profit entity.

So how do you get people to relate to you? Well, this is done through storytelling, and storytelling gives people an opportunity to connect with you on a personal level. Stories of the direct impact that your organization makes on other people are very important.

Stories that impact specific donors, or agencies, or supporters are making is also very important too. You want targeted people, whether they serve on your board, or as volunteers, or write you a check to relate to your organization. This is done through stories.

Every penny that you collect tells a story. Every penny that you invest in the services tells a story, so it’s about connecting everything you do, money and resources, to the people that you talk to. It’s all about relating to others, so good storytelling is very important.

Just as important as good storytelling is where you place your messages, and that’s really going to depend on where the people who support you are at. Are they older guys like me? May be a bit better option in order to stay connected to those donors.

Do they prefer newsletters? How about social media? Videos have become stronger and stronger as time has gone on, and these are particularly important for the people who have been served by your organization directly. These online testimonials are invaluable.

You want everyone that’s connected with your organization to be able to tell a story of an experience that your organization has created for them. It’s all about experiences, it’s all about storytelling.

So what’s the best place for your message? What’s the best way to tell your story? Well, book a discovery session with me at bit.ly/bookruss, and let’s talk about your story and the people that you’re reaching, and the people that you’re impacting. I want to hear about the work that you’re doing, because it’s important for people to know about it.

If people don’t know about your work, they can’t support you. Book a session with me so that I can try to support you in the ways that you need to be supported. I want to get the word out on what you’re doing, and help you expand that message so that you can relate to others, and tell a story that really reflects who you are, because others out there are like you, they just don’t know about all the good work you’re doing.

Book a session with me. Let’s talk about how to raise your profile so that you can get the support you need and the support you deserve.

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