Hi. This is Russ Dennis, your Nonprofit Possibility Engineer. One of the important sources of funding that you may have for your organization is grant funds.

Have you found that putting grants together is frustrating? Do you know where to look for grants?

Have you had difficulty finding them? Have you had difficulty finding people who would actually take your application?

Grant-seeking is like a lot of other things: It requires a plan, and it requires a strategy. When you have the right plan and the right strategy, you’re not wasting time looking to sources that aren’t going to support what you do; you’re going to be looking for better sources.

So, if you are having trouble with grants, or would like to get better and increase your success rate, schedule a thirty-minute Discovery Session with me. I’m a National Grant Writers Association Certified Senior Grant Specialist and Grant Reviewer.

Let’s make sure that the information you’re putting into your grant proposals reflects on you and your greatness in the best way possible.

Schedule that session with me to work on obtaining grant funding for your nonprofit, and I will talk with you very soon.

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